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Confession Funny experience on call

I was watching my favorite show Game of thrones on mobile, Then suddenly mobile rings tring tring

There was a angry lady on call.

Lady: “Hello? Airtel customer care? My another Airtel sim card is not working….”

Me (interrupting) : “I think you have the wrong number”
Lady: “Oh! I’m sorry…”

and I hang up the mobile. 3 seconds later, it rings again. It’s the same lady.
Lady: “Hello? Airtel? My Sim is not working…”

Me: “Ma’am, the number you are dialing is the wrong number!”, and hang up the phone.

I returned to the Game of thrones. It was thrilling episode….

Lady:  “Hello? Airtel ? Listen…. , don’t play games with me, OK? I know this is the  right number. Don’t try to avoid me. Do you know who I am?”

I realized that this lady was not going to let me watch the show unless someone listened to her complaint.

Me: Welcome to Airtel automated complaint booking service. To continue in English, press one.”


The lady had actually pressed the ‘1’ on her dial pad. Interesting. I thought I’d have some fun.

Me: “To register a complaint, please press the last 4 digits of your Driving License number” .

I can hear the lady furiously searching for her bag looking for her Driving License. After a while


She had actually found it pretty fast.

Me:  “Because of all the SPAM we have been receiving, we will now perform a  check to see if you are human. Please enter the result of 40 multiplied  by 7 divided by 8”

I can hear the lady shouting out to someone in the background.

Lady: “Rahul, quick! What is 40 times 7 by 8?”

Rahul: “What? Why do you need that?”

Lady: “I’m registering a complaint for our dead Airtel sim card”

Rahul (sounds confused): “But why would you need to solve maths problems…”

Rahul : “’s…aaaa…….35…”


The lady actually enters 3-5 on the dial pad.

Me: “Your complaint has been registered. Thank you for contacting Airtel, you will receive a call back with in 24hrs”

The lady sounds pleased. I can hear her speaking to ” Rahul “

Lady:  “I like Airtel. They have such a high tech system. They didn’t even have to ask me for the number of our Sim card that is dead. Cool!

I laughed so much, I can’t forget that moment………. 🙂

Confession I like two guys in my college

Confession I like two guys

So I like two guys..!! One is like we’ve been going to know each for 9 months now,till I got bored of him always telling me the same things but then there is this other guy who is really athletic and I’m having crush on him and he his thinking of his future but he doesn’t want to to be relationship right now because his priorities are college sports and college and family..but the first guys he really loves  me nd has done lot for me..I don’t know what to do.. I gathered all my courage and wrote a secret letter to sports guy.

Few moments later he came to my class and asked who wrote it (in a serious tone).. I got so scared and was literally freaked out but I told him that it was me. He said I was pretty good at English and needed my help in an assignment. I helped him in that assignment. I don’t know what will happen to my relationship in future…

Confession My crush started liking me

My crush started liking me


My crush started liking me and we are now best friends, She calls me a handsome hunk, Amazing person etc.. But I feel like she is only saying that to make me feel better, It just puts me down because I can’t stop thinking negative about myself. I don’t understand what’s happening with me, does she really likes me or just pretending to like me. I like her from the beginning. She is like an angel to me. I really respect her a lot. But i feel like she is faking the relationship with me…

Confession This is my funniest experience

This is my funniest experience

Funny confession

Hello! This is a funniest experience of my life which I want to share with all of you.During my college when I was in the first year I used to makeup a lot. slowly I got used to laziness I used to watch movies late night because of which I was unable to get up early which made me late for my classes.

I didn’t had enough time for makeup and I continued going to college without makeup.One day my counciler called me and asked me weather I was suffering from any depression I didn’t understand what did he mean later I came to know that one of my professors complained about me that I  was suffering from depression. I explained to my counciler the whole scenario and how I didn’t had time for make up which made my professior feel that I was in depression we laughed a lot.From next day I went to college as usual just alike my past days with full makeup.