Confession I like two guys in my college

Confession I like two guys

So I like two guys..!! One is like we’ve been going to know each for 9 months now,till I got bored of him always telling me the same things but then there is this other guy who is really athletic and I’m having crush on him and he his thinking of his future but he doesn’t want to to be relationship right now because his priorities are college sports and college and family..but the first guys he really loves  me nd has done lot for me..I don’t know what to do.. I gathered all my courage and wrote a secret letter to sports guy.

Few moments later he came to my class and asked who wrote it (in a serious tone).. I got so scared and was literally freaked out but I told him that it was me. He said I was pretty good at English and needed my help in an assignment. I helped him in that assignment. I don’t know what will happen to my relationship in future…

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