Confession I remember everything about you

I remember everything about you

I am female of 25 years age.

I remember the day when i saw you for the first time in our college canteen, our eyes met and you looked away in shyness but i was smiling

I remember the day when i first talked to you.

I remember the day when you asked me out for the first time.

I remember our long walks together, holding hands and talking for hours.

I remember the day when you proposed me, after 1 year since we met, I instantly said yes because I was going to propose you if you had done it.

I remember the day we had our first fight, then I asked you for forgiveness and you told me to buy a Cadbury chocolate for you.

I remember the day when, I called you in a middle of the day to meet me in the library.

I remember the last day of our college when I was worried that we might go our seperate ways, but we didnt.

I remember the day you almost cried when your canada Visa application for abroad studies was rejected, I consoled you in my arms but I was happy inside because you were now staying here with me..

I remember when you tolerated all my nonsense and was going through emotional problems in my family. when I was in pain, I could see your heart was also ached

I remember the day when you called me first to inform that you got your dream job that you had applied for.

I remember when our families didnt agreed because we were from different castes.

My dear friend, lover. I miss you everyday. I remember each and every moment which i had spent with you. It’s been a year we didn’t met with each other. I want to be with you.I hope our parents will agree..

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    • neha on February 24, 2019 at 9:23 pm
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    so sad, dont worry you will meet him soon. Initially your parents will not agree but at the end your parents will agree, because all they need is your happiness.

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