Confession They have killed a baby girl

They have killed a baby girl

I know a women she was pregnant for the 4th time yes 4th time. she gave birth to 2girls,1 boy and boy died as soon as he was born.  She was happy for getting pregnant again but she and her family was expecting baby boy.

When 8 months were completed and they went to hospital for the routine check up, but this time that check up was not routine her husband paid to doctor to check whether she is going to give birth to a boy or a girl.  

Doctor disclosed the news but it was kept as a secret that she was going to give birth to a girl. in fact they hide the truth that she is pregnant from everyone in the whole society. They fooled everyone.

After 15days she was crying in pain. but her husband said her to deliver the baby at home. She delivered the beautiful, cute little baby girl. As soon as she delivered the baby. before her baby starts crying or baby’s body is cleaned her father twisted her neck and killed the baby on the spot within 2minutes of delivery. 

How cruel her father and mother can be they killed the just born baby just because she was 3th girl in the family. if they cannot afford a 3th girls expense then how can they afford a boy’s expenses it is also as equal to a girl’s expense.

In future what if the boy leaves their family or what if he ditches them. 
What if that girl makes her family proud ? 

what if she earns so hard that her father can walk in full of attitude and proud that my girl earned this and that.  Nurse was called for cutting the pulse of mumma and daughter she came and did her work. she was also paid and after that her husband took that small baby soul and dump her somewhere. 

That baby was so small that her eyes were closed and didn’t even cried for the 1st time. Her body was in blood.  
There are so many cruel people in the society without any fear. I don’t know how many girls would have lost their life. 


    • Madiha on February 25, 2019 at 12:21 am
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    Such a cruel father, he will burn in hell fire. Such people must punished severely

    • Danial on February 25, 2019 at 7:48 am
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    such a heart touching story
    the baby’s father should be hanged in front of all for such crual activity.
    He cant even be addressed as a father
    He is a Bloody murderer

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