Confession This is my funniest experience

This is my funniest experience

Funny confession

Hello! This is a funniest experience of my life which I want to share with all of you.During my college when I was in the first year I used to makeup a lot. slowly I got used to laziness I used to watch movies late night because of which I was unable to get up early which made me late for my classes.

I didn’t had enough time for makeup and I continued going to college without makeup.One day my counciler called me and asked me weather I was suffering from any depression I didn’t understand what did he mean later I came to know that one of my professors complained about me that I  was suffering from depression. I explained to my counciler the whole scenario and how I didn’t had time for make up which made my professior feel that I was in depression we laughed a lot.From next day I went to college as usual just alike my past days with full makeup.

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